Market trend

Market Trend


Market Trend: Financial tools for determining daily market sentiment. Shown as probability (%) that market sentiment should be patterns as Downtrend, Sideway or Uptrend.

Methodology: applying SET index as main data and applying technical analysis which are Average Direction Index(ADX), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) as calculating tools. The tools are modified by Deepscope.com team to recommend market trend in term of possibility (%).


  • Downtrend meaning probability that market would be strong downtrend.
  • Uptrend meaning probability that market would be strong uptrend.
  • Sideway meaning market would be shown as non-significant trend. The index would swing in an boundaries or movement of index would not be strong.

Example as of: 2024-04-22

Interpretation demonstration

Market Trend tool would recommend market trend using highest probability of each trend shown as daily i.e. from the “Sideway” value is 48.6% is the highest probabilities among three categories. The next highest possibility market would be “Downtrend” at 33.4% And the least probability market would be “Uptrend” is 18.0%

With the Market Trend tool, investors can assess and estimate risk/return and then able to appropriate adjusting their strategies according to various chance of each market type.

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